Influencers: The Good, The Bad, and The Ridiculous

Media Personality Amy Vanderoef joins us to talk all things influential.

The Soundbites: 

  • An Instagram selfie posted by Miss Iraq with Miss Israel – both in bikinis – during the Miss Universe Pageant in November has triggered death threats and caused Miss Iraq to flee her country.
  • Dallas’ very own Steve Kemble shows his larger than life personality on Good Morning America, winning the Ugliest Christmas Sweater contest.
  • We dig into the truth behind the Tamar Braxton scandal at a local gay club, and weigh in on the power of the celebrity Instagram post.
  • Our special guest Amy Vanderoef, media personality extraordinaire joins us to discuss why she left television when everyone is clammering to be on it, how she’s using her experience to create influencers.
  • An amazing special exhibit at the DMA named “Truth: 24 Frames Per Second” features 24 artists across 6 decades who produce pieces that focus on issues like race relations, political unrest, and sexual identity through media.

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